With all of Italy now subject to coronavirus lockdown, we’ve decided to issue an update on the impact of the gun trade in Italy.

There are many major brands and manufacturers in Italy, such as Benelli, Beretta, Fausti and Perazzi to name a few, and lots of them are based in the hard hit North.

Despite the lockdown as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, big business in Italy is continuing to operate normally, with the Milan-based stock exchange Borsa Italiana, owned by the London Stock Exchange Group, “operating normally” and releasing a statement to say it has “robust business continuity arrangements in place” to ensure that markets can continue to function.

The exchange’s benchmark stock index was down 11.2% when the markets closed on Monday.

More difficulties are being experienced by smaller businesses, where the temporary loss of even a few members of staff can make the business struggle.

Ports and airports remain open, so for the foreseeable future trade should be largely uninterrupted. There are no restrictions on the import of goods from Italy to the United Kingdom at the time of posting.

Meanwhile if you’re thinking of making a business trip to Italy, the advice from The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is against all but essential travel.

British nationals remain able to depart Italy without restriction. Airports remain open throughout Italy. However, airline schedules are subject to change and some flights are being cancelled. Travellers are advised to check flight details with airlines.

Nearly all UK-based flights to and from Italy have now been cancelled (Tuesday March 10, 15:00). Ports remain open, but clearly priority items such as spare parts will now be delayed in transit.

Additional restrictions include the closure of museums, cultural institutions and the suspension of all public gatherings and sporting events. Religious ceremonies and funerals are suspended. Restaurants and bars remain open with restricted hours and reduced seating.

If you’re returning to the UK from Italy, consult the latest advice from the Department of Health and Social Care on actions to take.

We wish all our Italian colleagues the very best of good luck and good health while they deal with this national crisis.


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