The latest service offered by the Art Loss Register invited representatives from the gun trade to join them as they expanded on their recent initiative, the Gun Loss Register.

Having grown from the tracking of watches – which are often used as currency in criminal circles – the database expanded further into firearms and now includes a significant proportion of guns and weapons, of which there are 3000 registered, making it the largest database of stolen guns available for due diligence. Losses are reported by police, insurers and traders and are open to registered firearms dealers and auctions houses who subscribe to the service.

Julian Radcliffe told attendees that the aim of the register was the deter criminals from stealing guns, and argued that the police were not capable of tracking stolen weapons proficiently. The items in question include, but are not limited to, obsolete/deactivate calibres and antique firearms, which are often sent to the USA and returned to Britain, effectively laundered firearms.

The Gun Loss Register holds registrations for brands such as Boss & Co, Purdey & Sons, William Evans, Holland & Holland, Westley Richards, Webley & Scott and more. Trials are underway with UK gun traders. For pricing or enquiries contact or call 02078 415 780.


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