To continue creating high-quality shotguns, the team at Longthorne Gunmakers have recently invested heavily in the future of the company by installing new machinery and offering exciting apprenticeship opportunities.

Recognising the importance of investing in their staff, Longthorne have recently purchased over £30,000 of manual machinery, including a manual mill and a manual lathe, to improve and enhance the skills of their apprentices as part of a wider training program. Longthorne Gunmakers manufacture 100 per cent English made shotguns from their state-of-the-art factory in Northamptonshire.

The factory currently houses over 20 CNC machines that create the components which are hand finished by a team of experienced engineers and craftsmen and has several patents on its innovative barrel technology which rivals the barrel manufacturing process of any other manufacturer.

“Investing in these machines will mean our apprentices can learn how to manually create components for our shotguns, broadening their knowledge and understanding of the engineering processes. We are committed to training our apprentices, they are the future of gun making,” explained Elaine Stewart, Marketing Director.


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