Motor mechanic Luke Taylor has claimed first prize at the Royal Berkshire Shooting Schools Handicap Challenge, just over a year after taking up the sport.

The 30-year-old shot a score of 86 to win a Browning Heritage Hunter shotgun worth £6,000. Competitors shot over eight weeks at the 100 sporting course, before a handicap system similar to golf, is applied to ensure a level playing field for all involved.

Featuring the top 40 CPSA-handicapped shots and the top 20 RBSS handicaps, this years events saw more sponsors offering a range of prizes including a Laporte trap, Gamebore Cartridges, and the top prize gun presented by David Stapley from Browning and ISB Brand.

Luke commented: “This was a bit of a surprise to win as I am so new to the sport but the handicap system meant everyone who entered had a good chance.” With his handicap applied, Lukes score of 86 became 99×100, he explained: “I had only had one other class win before so I was a little bit gobsmacked, especially when you looked at some of the others competing.”

Dylan Williams, managing director of RBSS, added: “Firstly, congratulations to Luke and all winners in the qualifying period and the final. The Handicap Challenge is getting on for two decades old but it is still seen as innovative and challenging and the new layouts every year really keep it exciting and fresh.

“There are people that have been shooting it for the last 10 years or so and they tell us that the handicap system really works – it’s a unique concept in the industry and it really has stood the test of time.”


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