Minox have reimagined their brand identity, creating a presence that focuses on the person, the hunter, and the outdoor enthusiast. 

With a new targeted message, the Minox brand aims to be seen as a shooting ‘companion’ to support your hunting experience. Minox claim their target group is ‘down-to-earth and quality-conscious’.

The rebrand comes as Minox also relocate in February 2020, moving to Isny, and closer to the Blaser Group to which the sports optics manufacturer has belonged since 2013. 

Blaser’s own brand agency, Brandmark, lead the Minox relaunch and followed an intense process of strategic positioning and branding. Minox add that their brand ‘can now be experienced at eye level by its customers and partners.’ 

“The brand relaunch will ensure that the Minox brand will receive a new face for our customers and partners, and will in this way become more approachable.

“With the new website, we are excellently situated to meet the challenges of the digital future,” explained managing director of Minox, Wolfgang Venzl. 


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