BASC has launched a dedicated service to ensure speedy responses for members being let down and delayed by unhelpful GPs during the firearms licensing process. 

BASC have launched a dedicated service to help members resolve firearms licensing issues with GPs

The service, launched on 6 January, will link applicants with compliant GPs to help secure medical verification and will assist those who are either unhappy with exorbitant fees or facing delays because their GP is refusing to take part in the process. 

Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms, said: “The shooting community is being caught in a catch-22 position, with the GP holding the applicant to ransom and the police not progressing the application. The system is on its knees.

“BASC’s new service provides a valuable stop-gap for our members until a complete solution can be sought. BASC will continue to work towards ensuring a political solution whereby GPs are legally obliged to participate in the licensing system.”

BASC is advising members who are struggling to secure GP assistance with their applications to contact the association’s dedicated firearms team on 01244 573010 so they can be put in touch with a co-operative doctor.

Visit for more information on the current state of the firearms licensing medical procedure.


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