Thomas Jacks have received their samples of the long-awaited Pulsar Axion LRF XQ38 & Axion XQ38 Thermal Imaging Monoculars, indicating that they will soon be shipping to dealers.

Both monoculars feature 384×288 17µm <40mK NETD thermal sensors and frost-resistant 1024×768 HD AMOLED viewfinders.

With a NETD of <40mK and the availability of the ‘Image Boost’ Mode, the
Axion XQ Series provides sharp, high clarity thermal imaging even in environmental conditions with low-temperature differences such as rain, fog or cold mornings.

The Axion XQ38 series are capable of detecting a 1.7m deer-sized object at a distance of up to 1350m. The native magnification of 3.5x (with a 4x digital zoom providing a total magnification of 14.0x) and a 9.8 o field of view makes the Axion XQ Series perfect for long-distance and wide-area

The Axion LRF XQ38 features a built-in 1000m laser rangefinder (accurate to ±1m) whilst the Axion XQ38 has a stadiametric rangefinder and is fully Stream Vision compatible allowing captured images and videos to be stored on the units 16GB internal memory and/or can be transferred or live

Each Axion XQ Series model comes with an APS5 quick-change, rechargeable battery pack (charger included) providing up to 7 hours operation time.

SRP £1,839.95 – £2,129.95 Inc. VAT, for further information please contact Thomas Jacks on 01789 264100 or email


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