The Sportsman Gun Centre has announced that they are now the sole UK and Ireland distributors for PARD Night Vision.

Pard units, such as the NV007 and NV008, have now achieved a British Safety Standard

As part of this new deal the Pard NV008 and NV007 have been tested and approved for UK sale. What’s more these models have now achieved a British Standard to ensure that there are no further restrictions to their sale.

From September onwards all New Pard NV007’s and NV008’s will be fitted with a high resolution OLED Screen and will come with a two year warranty. All UK/Ireland models from September forwards will carry a Sportsman specific serial number which will ensure that all supported models meet the British Standard. This will protect retailers and ensure the Sportsman can offer the best possible service.

In addition to the well known NV007 and NV008, the Sportsman Gun Centre will be importing Pards SA range of Thermal Rifle Scopes. These models feature the same high quality construction as their night vision counterparts and pack a 384×288 px, 17um, 50hz sensor capable of detecting a human up to 1800m away. These units feature an E-Compass, 3D Giroscope, Heat Tracking Function, a Shutterless Design and are Waterproof with an IP67 rating.

Standard NV007A RRP: £432.99
NV008P RRP: £645.99
NV008P LRF RRP: £899.99


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