With all the big news recently (and most of it less than high spirited!) we thought we’d share a funny story of a very greedy sheep!

RSPCA animal collection officer Emily Welch was called to the field next to the B6271 between Brompton on Swale and Easby, on the outskirts of Richmond, on Wednesday (26 February). 

She said: “A member of the public was passing and spotted the ewe with her head and front legs stuck inside the feeder, and her bum and back legs stuck outside the feeder! 

“I suspect she was being a little greedy and pushed through the rest of the flock to get to the tasty hay and got herself trapped.

“She was trying to move forwards out of the railings but her back end was too wide so I climbed into the hay rack and managed to carefully push her out backwards.

“Thankfully she wasn’t injured – just a feeling a little embaa-rassed – and she scarpered off to join the rest of her flock.”


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