RUAG Ammotec UK have announced a new range optics range called Zero Compromise Optic (ZCO)

On the range, a spokesperson for RUAG said: “Zero Compromise Optic (ZCO) is a true specialty scope company where passion, dedication, and complete focus is building nothing but the highest quality riflescopes.

“This can only be accomplished with the most modern and technologically advanced optical and mechanical designs. To meet their end goal, every single rifle scope is subject to extreme and intensive real-world testing such as impact and vibration prior to leaving the facility.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standard so our customers don’t have to.”

Here we have the new range in two different models, and each in 2 reticles.


15.24 inches long
37.9 ounces
35 mils of elevation / 21 mils of windage

Taking the lead among any other optic in this magnification range, a very generous field of view of 21 feet at 100 yards yields one of the widest in the industry but negates the curvature of field that plagues other designs. 

Superb light transmission and exceptional resolution are only two attributes that perfectly complements the very best mechanical performance.

MPCT1 or MPCT2 Reticle

SRP – £3,400


12.8 inches
34.8 ounces
35 mils of elevation

Combining superior optical performance with unmatched mechanical precision and the most robust durability ever, the Zero Compromise Optic ZC420 packs a mighty punch into a compact package that rivals much larger rifle scopes.

This little rifle scope is ideally suited for any rifle platform where size and weight are of primary concern.  The low end magnification delivers an expansive 28 foot field of view for your close range engagements.

MPCT1 or MPCT2 Reticle

SRP – £3,250


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