The Sportsman Gun Centre has penned a new and improved contract to cement its ongoing relationship with The Game Fair, calling it an “ideal way of introducing the next generation of country and country sports enthusiasts.”

The Sportsman Gun Centre stand has become a regular fixture of The Game Fair

Aboo Cattran commented: “TGF and its continuation is imperative to supporting the industry we all work in and get paid by. Never have there been so many attacks on our way of life, nor our livelihoods.

“Never has there been more reason to pull together as one voice, one body and at one venue to join collectively and showcase what we as individuals (but most importantly what we as the industry behind it) proudly stand for.

“The GTA should be pulling all aspects of the UK gun trade to the The Game Fair. It’s their personal responsibility to be at the forefront of any mass gathering of shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

I believe it’s their role to cohesively enthuse and energise all members of the UK Gun Trade Association to support The Game Fair – the largest attended rural show in the UK.

The Game Fair is the ideal launch pad to promote, to empower, and most importantly to communicate the positives of what the UK gun trade stands for.

James Gower, The Game Fair’s managing director, added: “Sportsman Gun Centre have publicly given The Game Fair a huge vote of confidence, reflective of growing sentiments among the Gun Trade as we see new business joining us on Gunmakers’ Row and all of our regulars return. 

“We are hopeful that that Gunmakers’ Row will be the most comprehensive collection of the last 20 years. We will continue to announce companies and brands over the coming weeks.”


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