Perazzi might be the ultimate dream shotgun for many but most aren’t aware the amazing experience that is undertaken when you choose a Perazzi.

Your Perazzi is made to your exact specification from millions of options, fitted to be an extension of your arm… at no extra cost. The only extra is the time it takes for each Perazzi to be lovingly crafted by experts at the family-run factory.

The factory is open-plan and it is possible to watch virtually all of the operations involved in assembling a gun, from striking off the barrels to producing the stock.

You can even visit the Perazzi factory for free (not including travel) to be expertly fitted for your ultimate gun and choose your own woodwork to make your dream-gun complete.

Customers from all over the world visit to have guns serviced, have new stocks made or be measured for a new gun. Others just visit to enjoy a unique experience, visit the magnificent showroom and enjoy the beautiful Italian scenery.

There is a reason that Perazzi is the choice of champions – because it is your gun, fitted perfectly for you.

Contact your Perazzi main dealer or visit for more information.


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