The Bisley RW2 Cleaning Kit has been a staple line in the Bisley range for many years.

Made in the UK using British materials, the kit has been upgraded for 2020.

It now benefits from being packaged in a clear tube which also acts as a very useful storage case that be hung in the gunroom or garage. The wooden shotgun rod consists of two pieces with solid brass fittings and comfortable turned, swollen handle.

Packaged inside their own separate tube within the kit, are the brushes. In the Bisley RW2 kit you get a British-made Bisley Phosphor Bronze Brush, Wool Mop and Nylon Jag.

The Phosphor Bronze brush, when combined with a good barrel cleaner such as Bisley Bore Cleaner or solvent such as Parker-Hale 009, will effectively dissolve and scrub away metal and powder fouling.

The Bisley Nylon Jag allows the use of a Bisley Patch to effectively check the cleanliness of the barrels and chamber, as well as doing an effective job at sweeping up after the Phosphor Bronze Brush.

Once the barrel is clean, the Bisley Wool Mop can be oiled with Bisley Gun Oil (sold separately) to effectively give the final touch and protect against moisture and corrosion.

The Bisley RW2 Kit is available for shotguns in 12G, 16G, 20G, 28G and 410G. The 28G and 410G will include a Bisley Wire Loop instead of the Nylon Jag. RRP £29.99.

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