A binocular that provides excellent viewing from way before the sun rises to after sunset is a critical piece of gear for today’s hunters.

They also require a rangefinder that delivers an accurate readout to support that successful shot. With Bushnell’s Fusion X, you get the best of both in one product. Bushnell’s HDOS—High-Definition Optical System—provides optimum viewing clarity, and you never have to worry about the rangefinder falling short because this unit delivers detailed readings for distances up to a full mile.

The full-size robust 10X42 design supports a rock-steady hold and great magnification without being too bulky and heavy.

The Fusion X won’t so much blink when mother nature gets rough, and your view won’t be compromised thanks to its IPX7 waterproofing and Exo-Barrier lens coatings. Backed by Bushnell’s Lifetime Iron-Clad warranty means that the only thing that will let you down is the weather!

RRP £838.00

For more info just visit: https://edgarbrothers.com/


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