A multi purpose machine, any trap can be used on the Game Trailer, including DTL and ABT.

Call 01949 843777 or email enquiries@laporte-cpc.biz for details

The Game Trailer comes with a fully programmable flush controller, 1000 clay capacity, removable trap mounting skid and continuous forklift pockets.

The Game Trailer is perfect for game shooting practice, and can shoot 100 clays in 60 seconds, although timing can be varied!

The Trailer truly has everything – from a 400Ah battery bank, including ‘plug and play’ smart charging system, to even being a heavy duty road-legal trailer. Not to mention an optional off road trailer.

Interested yet? You should be, because you can buy the GS3 trailer now to receive up to 5 pallets of free clays, depending on trap specification.

But act now, because Laporte’s Christmas offer ends 31st December.

There is also a leasing option available (terms and conditions apply).


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