A Leap Forward in Night Vision

The Digex C50 Night Vision Riflescope is the next leap forward for not only the Digex Series, but night vision. The C50 model is fitted with a larger and more powerful 1928×1088 FHD CMOS sensor, which offers significantly improved imaging.

Observation Day & Night 

This new, advanced sensor, alongside the Digex C50’s improved design, grants shooters the ability to view in full-colour during the day as well as during twilight hours, effectively banishing the darkness from view.

Shooters only need to rotate the aperture switch ring to adjust the scope to either the daytime or twilight setting, and then later during complete nightfall simply tap a button to go full-night mode (black & white).

This unit also incorporates SumLight functionality for improved imaging without IR illumination, as well as an auto-exposure adjustment, which instantly compensates when the unit is exposed to bright light.

The Digex C50 is the perfect choice for hunters & pest controllers who want an all-in-one riflescope that can effectively and accurately operate during the day, twilight, and night-time hours.

Intelligent Battery System

Features a dual battery system that provides power for up to seven hours, with the option of replacing battery packs without powering down the unit.

Rifle Mounting Made Easy

The unit’s dayscope-style format is completely compatible with standard 30mm scope rings, which allow the Digex C50 to be mounted to a wide variety of rifle platforms with ease.

For more information on Pulsar products please contact the exclusive UK distributor on 01789 264 100 or via info@thomasjacks.co.uk.

The Digex C50 will be available either as a standalone unit or with the Digex-X850S IR Illuminator and will retail at £1,099.95 and £1,239.95 Inc. VAT respectively.

Please visit https://www.thomasjacks.co.uk/pulsar/product/4509/Digex_C50 for further information.


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