Don’t Miss Out on The Gerber Prybrid Utility

The Gerber Prybrid Utility compact multi-tool has been made to be put to work and contains minimal moving parts for less wear & tear. The ergonomic shape and layout provides optimum useability by way of its dual-ended design, texture-grip body and blade retractor that sits within natural thumb fall.

How Can the Gerber Prybrid Benefit Your Customers?

Contains a sliding, replaceable utility blade (under 1-inch) designed for straightforward cutting tasks. When not in-use, the blade sits within the Prybrid Utility’s G10 scale housing, eliminating the need for a sheath.

Features a wide selection of must have tools such as multiple drivers, wire stripper, nail puller, cord cutter, stainless steel pry bar as well as the trusty bottle opener.

A great on-the-fly tool solution that can be carried within a trouser pocket or on a keychain.

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