The Spypoint CELL-LINK – Universal Trail Camera Adaptor

The Spypoint CELL-LINK converts and upgrades old and outdated trail cameras into fully fledge cellular trail cameras, by simply plugging the CELL-LINK into the cameras SD card slot. This means your customers can get more mileage & new life out of their old trail cameras.

Why Stock This Product?

The CELL-LINK allows your customers to take advantage of the Spypoint App and all available functionality, such as wireless photo transmission, instant alerts, AI recognition, advanced weather forecasting, mapping tools, live status readouts, etc.

All photos are sent straight to smartphone via the LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless communication standard, for super-fast delivery, instantly alerting you to any movement at the observation site, which saves both time and hassle.

Know You Have Signal!

The CELL-LINK has a built-in signal strength display, which informs the customer of the available signal quality in the area, meaning they do not have to guess whether their trail camera will transmit their images, they will know.

No Hidden Running Costs!

The CELL-LINK has unlimited photo transfer for the first 30 days of activation (switches to the free package afterwards – 100 photos a month).

For full information on this product please contact Thomas Jacks Limited on 01789 264100 or email or visit


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