For a limited time only, Yukon Advanced Optics are giving Photon XT owners (Models: 4.6×42 S & 6.5×50 S) a chance to trade-in their old unit(s) and get £200 OFF the purchase of a NEW Sightline Series Digital Night Vision Riflescope!

Why upgrade?

The Sightline Series offers an improved shooting experience with a powerful 1280×768 HD CMOS sensor & frost-resistant 1024×768 HD AMOLED display for crisp, high-definition viewing and is also equipped with an improved 850nm (eyesafe) LED IR Illuminator for adjustable night-time visibility.

The Sightline Series has powerful optical capabilities with a magnification of up to 24.0x with the assistance of a smooth x4 digital zoom and features an on-board stadiametric rangefinder that enables the shooter to accurately measure the distance of a known object.

Upgrading to a Sightline offers additional shooting tools such as scalable reticles, zeroing assistance, side incline (cant) indicators as well as Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) which allows the shooter to zoom-in on their target whilst maintaining situational awareness of the wider field of view.

Sightline models also feature power-saving functions such as the ‘Display Off’ mode (with fast start-up) which cuts power to the screen when not in-use, saving power and allowing the shooter to remain unseen by stopping extraneous light from escaping the eyepiece.

Owners also receive a rechargeable DNV battery pack & an AA battery cradle as power options for the device.

Promotional offer ends 31/12/2020.

For full information on this promotion please contact Thomas Jacks on 01789 264100 or email


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