Viking Arms Appointed as New Distributor of Savage Arms in the UK

Viking Arms has announced it is is now the official UK distributor for Savage Arms, a prestigious brand renowned for its high-quality firearms. The products available to the UK market as part of this new collaboration include:

B-Series Precision Rimfire Rifles

Savage Arms B-Series Precision Rimfire Rifles are praised for their accuracy and reliability. With a focus on precision, these rifles excel in target practice and competition shooting. Their adjustability, particularly the AccuTrigger, and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable, user-friendly experience. Known for quality and durability, these rifles serve a broad range of users, from beginners to precision shooters and hunters.

110 ElitE Bolt Action Centrefire Precision Rifle

The Savage Arms 110 Elite Precision Rifle offers an adjustable AccuFit System for optimal fit, exceptional accuracy thanks to the AccuTrigger and button-rifled barrel, and impressive durability with a stainless steel action. Its MDT ACC chassis provides stability for long-range shooting. Ideal for experienced hunters and competitors.

110 Carbon Tactical Long Range Rifle

The Savage Arms 110 Carbon Tactical Long Range Rifle is a highly precise tool for shooters due to its carbon fibre wrapped stainless steel barrel. This design assures exceptional long-range accuracy. The rifle is customisable, featuring the AccuFit system and AccuTrigger for personalised fit and a secure, clean trigger pull. Durability is key in this model, with a stainless steel receiver offering longevity and resistance to harsh conditions. Despite its rugged construction, the rifle is also highly portable due to its lightweight carbon fiber elements. Furthermore, its threaded muzzle is ready for a variety of devices or suppressors, helping to minimise recoil and noise.

Impulse Elite Bolt Action Centerfire Precision Rifle

The Savage Arms Impulse Elite Bolt Action Centerfire Precision Rifle excels in performance due to its Hexlock bolt mechanism, ensuring unrivalled accuracy even under heavy recoil. The adjustable AccuFit stock and AccuTrigger provide a customised fit and trigger pull. The hard-anodized aluminium receiver and integrated Picatinny rail enhance mounting for optics, improving long-range accuracy. With a button-rifled barrel and user-friendly bolt release, the Impulse Elite offers excellent speed, reliability, and precision, making it an ideal choice for shooters.

110 Precision Precision Long Range Rifle

The Savage Arms 110 Precision Long Range Rifle stands out in long-range shooting due to its stainless steel barrel, providing superior accuracy and durability. The adjustable AccuFit system and AccuTrigger promote customised comfort and precision. Its aluminium chassis, coupled with the M-LOK forend and Picatinny rail, supports easy attachment of accessories, increasing versatility; additionally, the reliable AICS magazine enhances field performance. The 110 Precision seamlessly merges precision, adaptability, and reliability, raising the bar in long-range shooting.

The rimfire rifles for distribution and sale will be available in .22LR, .17HMR, and .22WMR calibres. For centerfire rifles, Viking Arms will be offering options in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor.

“Viking Arms’ partnership with Savage Arms brings together two companies known for their commitment to quality engineering and performance,” said Sam Macarthur, Managing Director at Viking Arms. “We’re delighted to offer these exceptional firearms to the UK market and supporting enthusiasts of long range target shooting sports.”

Prices start from:

110 Elite RRP £2895

110 Impulse Elite RRP £3392

110 TAC rrp £2260

B22, B17HMR, B22 WMR ££918

B22 lite, B17HMR Lite B22WMR Lite £1285

For more information about the range of Savage products and their availability, please visit or contact: or call 01423 780 810 (ext.1).

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