Banks slammed for anti-shooting prejudice

Photo: Gordon Joly

Fresh reports have emerged of businesses in the shooting industry falling foul of restrictions that banks have automatically placed on them – without justification for doing so.

One business owner reported that HSBC had declined financial services to him on the grounds that shooting is a “prohibited sport”. The business had written to the bank to complain but had received no response. Enquiries from the Countryside Alliance succeeded in instigating an investigation on HSBC’s part. The bank then admitted that its policies were being misapplied, causing shooting businesses to be unfairly denied access to services. Chairman Douglas Flint said the bank would no longer penalise shooting businesses.

Countryside Alliance CEO Tim Bonner said: “It would clearly be outrageous to restrict services to shooting businesses, given how important they are to the UK economy and how popular shooting sports have always been, and we were very pleased that this apparent conflict turned out to be a misunderstanding.” Any businesses who find themselves being refused service by a bank are urged to contact Gun Trade News and a representative shooting organisation immediately.

photo: Gordon Joly

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