Edgar Brothers cuts Huglu from portfolio

Edgar Brothers has announced it will no longer distribute the Turkish shotgun make Huglu, citing the brand’s “struggle to find a place in the UK market”.

The Cheshire-based company has distributed Huglu for five years; in that time it has added Italian shotgun brand Zoli to its distribution portfolio, as well as retaining distribution of Hatsan and Remington shotguns.

Recently it has also taken on optics brands Bushnell and Leica.

Edgar Brothers’ managing director Derek Edgar said: “As Edgar Brothers have recently taken on several new large lines we had to look at the brands we handle and how they perform and contribute to the business.

“Unfortunately the wider Huglu line does not include the type of shotguns demanded in the UK.”

Recently, Huglu sales have concentrated around the company’s .410 over-and-under, which the Edgar Brothers website describes as “A great little hedgerow gun” with “excellent speed of handling with enough weight and length to make it a great little clay breaker”.

Huglu has not yet said whether it will seek a new UK distributor.

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2 comments on “Edgar Brothers cuts Huglu from portfolio
  1. geoff allen says:

    What a shame.
    I have a Super Pose De-Lux 12 bore and it is admired where ever I shoot.
    It is a great, well made gun and I am surprised sales are not proving it worth stocking.
    I would like a Huglu cap to wear but cannot find one anywhere…. does any one know where I could purchase one

  2. Serpil Guler says:

    Geoff Allen

    Please contact me about the cap
    My contact information is in below


    Miss. Serpil GULER
    Sales Representative
    Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative
    Office : +90 332 516 1600/125
    Fax : +90 332 516 1031
    Cell : +90 533 950 5745
    Email: hglgroup@huglu.com.tr
    Web : http://www.huglu.com.tr

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