Northern Ireland country sports strengthened

A country sports group with cross-party membership has been established in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Aiming to “develop, foster, promote and protect country sports and conservation across Northern Ireland, recognising the social, economic and cross-community benefits”, the group will be a forum for politicians to discuss the problems that country sports face and how they support conservation, rural life, tourism and the economy. The group will be chaired by Lord Morrow (DUP) and BASC Northern Ireland will supply the secretariat.Northern Ireland all-party group

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One comment on “Northern Ireland country sports strengthened
  1. Brian Dougan says:

    I am an avid shotgun user for clay pigeons and vermin control. I am writing to ask, what are the laws around reloading your own shotgun cartridges in Northern Ireland to buy presses, primers, powder, wads and shot. Thanks Brian

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