The much-anticipated Umarex S&W M29 pistol has arrived in the UK, with 6.5” rifled barrel for .177 pellets.

Since its unveiling in early 2021, this fully-licensed airgun has been the subject on everyone’s lips for almost a year. More recently, Umarex announced this rifled-barrel pellet model. Distributor John Rothery Wholesale is happy to confirm the 6.5” barrel model has arrived in the UK. It’s been one of Rothery’s most requested products ever.

“We first saw details of this pistol back in early 2021. Since then, it’s been our most talked-about pistol since the introduction of the Glocks” comments Claire Haskett, Marketing Executive at John Rothery Wholesale. “Nothing can prepare you for just how good this pistol looks and feels in the hand. The bluing finish to the steel is excellent, and the action and trigger shoots like a dream. From loading the removable shells with .177 pellets, to cocking or shooting in double-action mode it’s a dream to shoot. Combined with its instant appeal from the very famous film, I’m sure UK shooters won’t be disappointed!” 

The S&W M29 6.5” barrel in .177 pellet has an RRP of £229.95. 


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