Longthorne Defiance

British gunmakers Longthorne have expanded their product line with the introduction of The Dominion and The Defiance pistols. These two new models of pistols have been inspired by the iconic Fabrique Nationale (FN) 1935 9mm Mark III semi-automatic, limited blow back, high Power pistol.

Longthorne, who are renowned for their innovative approach to manufacturing firearms and famed for manufacturing their shotgun barrels from one single block of high specification steel, have re-engineered and modernised this pistol’s design using state of the art equipment and higher hardness materials to improve wear resistance. They have also paid particular attention to tolerances (which has resulted in better trigger pulls and accuracy), design improvements and finish.

To eliminate hammer or slide bite (a problem with the original design) Longthorne have incorporated a large ‘beaver tail’.  The chequered walnut grips come in left or right-handed configurations and are ergonomically shaped to ensure comfort in the hand, there is also a right or left-handed ‘magazine release’.

The steel grip section of the pistol frame is lightly textured to give superior grip without causing discomfort. There is also an option to incorporate a magazine safety catch (Patent Pending) which doesn’t interfere with the trigger, this is different to the ‘magazine disconnect’ in the original models in that it locks the trigger movement when the magazine is removed.

The Longthorne Dominion

Whilst these pistols have been completely redesigned and manufactured in Longthorne’s Northampton factory, pistol ownership (with some exceptions) has been banned in the United Kingdom since 1997, so these two models will be aimed for international distribution.

The estimated retail price is thought to be US$5,500 for the elaborately engraved ‘Dominion’ and US$3,500 for the blackened ‘Defiance’ model.  The company are currently in talks with an importer/distributor regarding distribution in the USA.


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