Airgun distributors Armex have agreed to begin distribution of Gletcher replica airguns in the UK from 1 July.

Armex’s Peter Jackson commented: “We are delighted and very proud to be distributors in the UK of the Gletcher range of replica firearms. Gletcher pride themselves on making products with the highest level of performance, quality and craftsmanship to replicate historical and modern firearms.”

This follows the announcement in March that Armex will also supply Gunpower to the trade, with boss Geoff Darvill stating: “They [Armex] are so pro-active. We have seen with other dealers they might wait for the calls to come in but Armex are actively out there trying to sell the products.”

Armex have also launched three limited edition models to commemorate WWII; the Parabellum, 1911 and Soviet TT. Each pistol is laser etched in a limited edition range from 1-1945 – and are available with all Gletcher products in all Armex dealers.


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