John Rothery Wholesale has announced the launch of ISOtunes® Sport hearing protection specifically designed and marketed for shooters.

Haven Technologies launched ISOtunes® Sport in 2021, hearing protectors that bring 21st century technology and comfort to tactical earmuffs and earplugs.

“We had heard about these fantastic new hearing protection products making waves in the USA, and were very interested when ISOtunes® Sport contacted us to discuss its products” says Sean O’Driscoll, Managing Director of John Rothery Wholesale. “After seeing the products in the flesh at the recent European trade show and meeting the ISOtunes® Sport team, it was clear the products lived up to their reputation from across the pond. We were very happy to accept the company’s offer to represent it in the UK”.

“Shooters are often ignored when new technology comes along” says Claire Haskett, Marketing Executive at Rothery’s. “It was very refreshing to see this brand new technology, specifically made and marketed for shooters, which incorporates the latest developments. Rather than an item that’s for sale because oh, it might be suitable for shooters too, ISOtunes® Sport really are products for shooters and most importantly, the pricing is very attractive”.

ISOtunes® Sport has five products in its range, starting from just £69.99 and going up to just £169.99.

Further details can be found on the John Rothery website, including a downloadable ISOtunes® Sport catalogue. If you don’t follow it already, John Rothery Wholesale regularly posts announcements and other useful information on its social media channels. Find John Rothery Wholesale on Facebook and follow the company on Instagram to keep up-to-date.


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