Fady Kiwan won with the BRK Ghost At the Benchrest Rimfire and Air Rifle World Championship 2023
Winning not one but two world championship titles. That was an amazing feat, but to set a world
record score in the process was an incredible achievement.
And yet that’s exactly what Fady Kiwan did earlier this year at the Benchrest Rimfire and Air Rifle
Championships held in Plzen, Czech Republic where he used the same BRK Ghost across the many
disciplines, only changing the barrel length and calibre—one of the rifle’s key design benefits.
Now, to celebrate Fady’s success, BRK has launched a special edition Ghost based on the two-time world championship winning rifle. The BRK Ghost World Record will be limited to just 250 rifles worldwide and carries a recommended retail price starting at £1,900.
Based on the Ghost Plus model, the .177 and .22 rifles will have a 430mm barrel and offer both 12 ft/lbs
and high-power variants at 18 ft/lbs and 45 ft/lbs respectively (25 and 61J). The Ghost HP model provides the basis for .22, .25 and .30 calibres rifles with barrels of 600mm and, for the first time, 711mm.
The new ART (Daystate’s Accuracy Research Team) developed 711mm (28 inch) barrel and barrel
tensioning system were critical to its success, so BRK added both enhancements to the BRK Ghost World Record with the .22 HP version of the rifle tuned to the winning rifles specification.
With a striking red colour scheme and custom designed engraving to celebrate the world championship
wins, the rifle is also equipped with top and bottom race ARCA and M-Lok rails for competition use. Other than that, in keeping with Fady’s record-breaking approach, all other features are standard. These include a 20-point power dial; adjustable regulator pressure (export and FAC models); carbon air bottle; moveable Picatinny scope rail and the ability to accommodate a range of accessories such as adjustable butt pads and single shot loaders.

Barrel tuner is standard on the World Record LE, a hammer spring power tuning kit is one of the many performance accessories developed for this rifle
To suit all markets and energy/calibre requirements the following versions are available.
Caliber, Barrel ,Max Energy ft/lbs(Joules), Length, Weight (kg), Price
Plus .177, 430mm, 18 (25), 731mm, 3.2, £1,900
Plus .22, 430mm, 45 (61), 731mm, 3.2, £1,900
HP .177, 600mm 30 (42), 855mm, 3.4, £1,950
HP .177, 711mm, TBC, 890mm, 3.5, £2,040
HP .22, 600mm, 65 (88), 855mm, 3.4, £1,950
HP .22, 711mm, 69 (94), 890mm, 3, .5 £2,040
HP .25, 600mm, 70 (95), 855mm, 3.4, £1,950
HP .25, 711mm, 73 (99), 890mm, 3.5, £2,040
HP .30, 600mm, 95 (129), 855mm, 3.4, £1,950
HP .30, 711mm, 99 (135), 890mm, 3.5, £2040

BRK Ghost World Record Limited Edition is available in the Plus model at 12 ft/lbs


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