BRK has announced the limited initial release of a new Ghost. The Silver Ghost will be initially released in December to select gun shops.

Featuring eye-catching brushed nickel metalwork, BRK expects to increase production of the Silver Ghost for increased distribution in the new year.

Priced at £1,750, a .177 and .22 12 ft/lbs Plus model will be aimed at the UK market. A High Power model costing £1,860 will be marketed overseas in .22 calibre with an output up to 65 ft/lbs.

The Silver Ghost will also be available with the option of a silver 0db silencer with other unique accessories also planned.

Supplied with a hard case, the BRK Silver Ghost shares all its features with the standard Ghost model: a fully adjustable, match-style trigger, fully shrouded barrel with a ½ in UNF thread for an additional silencer, cross-bolt manual safety, adjustable Picatinny scope rail and three additional accessory rails. 

A full range of accessories including butt pads, grips and rails are also available – including a cheekpiece riser which allows the BRK’s magnetic magazine to ‘double-up’ by twinning two units back-to-back, offering an impressive onboard payload of between 22 shots in .22 and 26 in .177 calibre.

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