Over the last year, Eley has helped grow the shooting sports by manufacturing new and improved ammunition for a wide range of disciplines, including practical shooting, air competitions and biathlons.

Check out the round-up of Eley’s latest and greatest products.


ELEY tenex air pellets

With new tenex products comes new world records, and our tenex air pellets are no different.

Launched early last year, Eley gave prototype pellets to three elite shooters at the European Championships in Hungary and the ISSF World Cup in Mexico. The pellets were a huge success, coming away with four medals and a new World Record.

This success has only continued, most recently at the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi. Using Eley tenex air Sergey Kamenskiy cemented his position as world number one with yet another medal winning performance. His final shot scored a huge 10.6 clinching the gold and finishing with an overall score of 249.4.

Eley tenex air delivers exceptional accuracy, 30% greater weight control than any competitor, and damage-resistant packaging. The essential statistics are .177 calibre, 4.49/4.50/4.51 diameters, and 8.2 grains. The key to consistency is in the materials selected, manufacturing techniques deployed, and analysis and selection processes used to maintain the industry’s strictest standards.


Eley action

Eley action introduces shooters to Eley’s consistency and accuracy.

Manufactured to strict internal specification, the new product benefits from electronic visual inspection and rigorous test proofing. Small lot quantities and statistical process control techniques deliver performance in every round, reliable functioning in rapid fire rifles, low noise and low recoil – ideal for the practical shooters amongst us.


Eley biathlon

Biathletes need ammunition that maintains consistent accuracy despite cold climates and challenging conditions. As a result, Eley has launched biathlon club, a 40grain .22LR round designed to give clear-cut consistency even in the coldest conditions.

Eley biathlon club offers enhanced performance without compromising on accuracy and can be used for training and competing. This makes the new round ideal for club level athletes who are looking to take the next step into competitive level shooting.

Norwegian rifle shooting legend, Harald Stenvaag said: “The feedback we have received from shooters using Eley biathlon club has been really positive. Traditionally in Norway, clubs and athletes tend to stick with ammunition that’s familiar so it’s great to see that those who have tested the round in small quantities are so pleased with the result that they are making the switch after seeing its performance first-hand.”

Eley has honed its development process by working closely with biathletes to manufacture a product that meets their needs. A scientifically designed lubricant has also been applied to suit cold temperatures, aiding consistency and reducing barrel wear to make sure shooters stay on target whatever the weather.


For more information on the complete Eley range, head over to our ammunition page.


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