GTN goes back to basics with entry-level springers and PCPs and affordable airgun pellets – in this first part, we look at airguns

Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint

The Rotex RM8 with its handsome Minelli wooden stock is a real eye-catcher. But many Rotex fans will want to really put this rifle through its paces on hunting trips.

In that case, the RM8 Varmint, with its futuristic synthetic thumbhole stock, might be the superior option. Its black surface is more resistant to scratches, and checkered areas on the grip and forearms ensure secure handling.

The RM8 Varmint features include muzzle break (removable to add a ½” UNF moderator), 232 bar bottle tank (providing around 150 consistent shots), quick fill charging point with manometer, solid metal rotary magazine, 11mm dovetail rail, manual safety and adjustable trigger. 

SRP: £390

John Rothery

02392 245350

Vantage NP (.177)

Powered by Nitro Piston technology, and boasting velocities of up to 1200 fps, the Vantage NP is ideal for small game hunting, plinking, spinners and more.

Producing 70 per cent less noise than most springers, the Nitro Piston powered break-barrel air rifle offers reduced recoil and quicker locking time. This single-shot air rifle features a handsome, ambidextrous hardwood stock, two-stage adjustable trigger and rifled steel barrel.

Along with its fiber optic sights, the Vantage NP is equipped with a CenterPoint 4x32mm riflescope. Advantages include quieter shooting, smoother cocking and no spring torque.

SRP: £160 


01728 688555

Browning X-Blade II

Well-made and ideal for plinking or small pest control when required, the Browning X-Blade II is a full-power, full-size break barrel air rifle.

Available in both .177 or .22 calibre, the X-Blade II is a solid and reliable action housed in an attractive and practical synthetic stock.

It comes complete with adjustable rear sight and fibre optic front sight. It also sports a polymer barrel sleeve to offer extra protection. 

SRP: £165

John Rothery

02392 245350

Stoeger RX320 S3

Eye-catching design combined with ground-technological features make this gun a really exciting proposition. Especially remarkable is the pioneering design of the suppressor.

A new, highly effective decompression chamber sits below the barrel and baffle area; the results of which are truly impressive. Equally striking, the advanced ergonomic design of the gun fits perfectly to the shooter.

The attractive Proadaptive Checkering has been developed in collaboration with shooters, and together with the Multigrip System, allows the user to choose the grip which best suits the weather conditions and their style of shooting.

Supplied with two piece mounts, and 4×32 scope, the RX320 S3 is available in .177 and .22 calibres in a full-power 12 ft/lb configuration.

SRP: £215


01489 579 999

M22 and M11

Supplied by Sportsmarketing, the single and multi-shot PCP M22 is ideal for target and plinking. With manual safety and a 2.27kg (5lb) stock, it is designed with a silencing effect on the front barrel weight.

This full sized bolt-action rifle (37”)  has a sleek wood stock with cheek piece and rubber recoil pad. There is no front sight but the silencing effect in the front end makes it ideal with any scope and perfect for target and vermin with the multi-shot option for quick fire action.

Much like the M22 design, the M11 (pictured) is built with manual safety but incorporated into a larger stock at 41″ and tipping the scales at 8.4lb.

SRP: M22 £399.95 

SRP: M11 £359.99


01206 795333

ATA Airborne

ATA Arms have established themselves in the UK with a range of value-for-money shotguns, but among their wave of new products comes their first venture into the airgun market, the ATA Airborne.

The PCP is available in .22 and .177. Its stock is high-grade Turkish walnut with a laser-etched, detailed grip, designed with modern geometry and practical egonomics. It also features a picatinny rail, external pressure gauge, side-lever cocking mechanism and comes with two 10-shot rotary magazines. 

SRP: £399.99

Sportsman Gun Centre

Remington Express XP

This spring-piston powered airgun is ideal for target shooting and small vermin. Featuring a 3-9x32mm scope, mounts, fibre optic front sight, fibre optic adjustable rear sight, fitted rubber recoil pad and sound suppressing muzzle, the Express XP shoots in .177 (4.5mm) and .22 (5.5mm) cals.

This full power airgun also features an accuracy-tuned barrel and the hardwood stock is superbly finished with the inspired grip chequering from the Remington Model 700 with the Remington signature “R” logo laser-etched on grip and brand logo moulded into the fitted recoil pad.

SRP: £199.95


01206 795333

Gamo GX-40 

When it comes to delivering PCPs at competitive prices, Gamo has already set a high standard with the Coyote and the Phox, but the new GX-40 looks set to push the bar even higher. 

Made in the UK, the budget-busting PCP is available in .177 and .22 calibres and comes with a tough synthetic stock. It is also equipped with a cold hammer forged barrel, two-stage CAT trigger, on board pressure gauge and 10-shot, magazine-fed loading system that is driven by a rear bolt. 

SRP: £379 


0121 7728543


The Kral NP-02 launched at the Northern Shooting show in 2018, and received a hugely positive response. In fact, the demand was greater than the supply.

At only 30″ in length and weighing 2.95kg, it is the ideal tool for pest control in or out of a vehicle. Its compact size and weight coupled with two air cylinders that hold a massive 530cc of air makes for 200 full power shots in .22 and 170 full power shots in .177.

This rifle already looks like it ticks all the boxes, along with an affordable price tag should you choose either the black or marine stocks.

SRP: £369 – Black 

£389 – Marine 

Range Right

01423 881919


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