Hull Cartridge are expanding their current game offering with new specifications for the upcoming season.

The Partridge Cartridge combines measured power and exceptional power for high bird days. This new cartridge offers improved long-range ballistics and a consistent dense pattern to ensure a clean dispatch of quarry this size.

The High Pheasant Extreme is tailored for delivering drop dead performance, even on skyscraper birds. The range now includes a 30gm 70mm for modern over & unders.

The Ultimate Twenty takes performance to the next level, and is designed to be smoother, consistently quicker with improved dense patterns.

Partridge Cartridge RRP: £348 (per 1000)

High Pheasant Extreme RRP: £348 (per 1000)

Ultimate Twenty RRP: £343 (per 1000)

Hull Cartridge
01482 342756


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