The steady stream of new releases give us plenty to look forward to in the next few months.

Lee Enfield SMLE 

The Shooting Party have been working tirelessly for the past year preparing the key features of the Lee-Enfield SMLE in C02 Steel .177 BB format. The air rifle is designed with all wood and metal construction with the same weight and dimensions as the original.

With 500 – 550fps velocity, dependent on temperature and BB weight, the SMLE enjoys 30+ full-power shots from a single C02 capsule and a 15 shot magazine. The rifle also accepts original accessories such as slings and bayonets, ideal for re-enactors.

The Shooting Party have leak and jam tested the rifle and report excellent reliability. Volume production started in March with the first shipment set to be air freighted into the UK soon. Additional combined magazine/valve units are available as an optional extra at SRP £59.99. and replica webbing rifle slings at £19.99.

SRP: £429 
The Shooting Party

01543 480361 

ATA SP Elegant Gold 

Turkish gunmakers, ATA Arms are noted for their SP ranges, available in both Game and Sporter models. Although the SPs have stunning Turkish Walnut stocks and are striking in their own right, it could be argued that there is room for some luxury models, to answer this, ATA have released the ATA SP Elegant Gold.

The Elegant Gold again features the beautiful Turkish Walnut stock of it’s down-to-earth brother, but also offers that touch of luxury. It now proudly displays it’s gold accented game scene engraved action with sideplates. 

Available in 12-gauge and in both Game and Sporter configuration, the Elegant Gold holds its own among top-of-the-range shotguns. The distributors, Sportsman Gun Centre, will be supporting this year’s Clay Shooting Classic at Garlands with five ATA SP Elegant Gold Shotgun’s up for grabs. 

SRP: From £1,000
Sportsman Gun Centre
01392 354 870

Glock 19X Pistol

The latest addition to the fully licensed GLOCK range of CO2 air pistols has now arrived in the UK after its initial launch at IWA. 

The Glock 19X is the brand’s first crossover pistol. It features the compact slide of the Glock 19 on the full-size frame of the Glock 17, and is finished in “Coyote” or FDE colour. The pistol is a fully licensed replica model by Umarex and fires standard 4.5mm steel BBs powered by 12g Co2. 

There are two variants of the Umarex Glock 19X; the first highly-economical and accurate airgun has a fixed slide and 18-round drop-out BB magazine, with CO2 cartridge housed inside the grip of the pistol. The second model features the realistic blowback action with drop-out all-in-one magazine, which houses both 18 rounds of steel BB and the 12g CO2 cartridge. 

Glock 19X ‘Fixed’ SRP: £109.95. 
Glock 19X ‘Blowback’: £159.95
John Rothery
02392 245350

SiOnyx Aurora

Thomas Jacks have announced SiOnyx as the latest addition to their brand portfolio. They have also introduced the recently launched the Aurora; a new camera that offers the unique capability of seeing in colour at night

The Aurora, is capable of both day time and low-light recording, which can be viewed in colour, phosphor green and greyscale, through SiOnyx’s own patented Ultra Low-Light (CMOS) Sensor Technology.

Contained within a compact and robust bodyshell, the camera has an HD Video recording facility with audio, up to 60 frames per second, as well as multiple recording modes and a HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting. EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) provides a smooth and steady capture, perfectly suited to outdoor action.

With a built-in WIFI module, compatible with the free SiOnyx Aurora App, the camera can be controlled remotely, whilst being able to transfer image and video straight to a smartphone or tablet. An internal GPS and a compass means footage can be geotagged, for keeping track of the what, when and where’s. 

Suited to all weather conditions, this design has been rated IP67 for dust resistance, intrusion resistance and is splash proof and water-resistant up to three feet for 30 minutes. The Aurora can also be mounted to a rifle with a Quick Release Picatinny Rail Mount.

SRP: £799.95
Thomas Jacks
01789 264100 

Evolution Strike Off

Described as a new take on overcoming master eye (cross dominance) problems for shooting, Evolution have just launched a new eye dominance correction eyewear set. 

Based on their popular Strike 4 interchangeable model they have adapted an optical insert to put an opaque lens in front of the dominant (off) eye. Shooting with both eyes open it means the non-dominant eye will take over.

Strike Off comes with four interchangeable lens colours: Grey, Yellow, Orange and Clear plus the modified optical insert; the latter available for both left eye dominant and right eye dominant shooters. As the insert is detachable it means the user still has a perfectly normal 4 lens interchangeable set to use when not shooting.

The Strike frame is made from super durable TR90 and has adjustable nose pads. The four coloured lenses are Class 1 optical quality, have full impact protection and all are UV400 rated. The Strike Off is supplied with the eye correction insert, cleaning cloth, soft carry pouch and hard case.

SRP: £59.95
Evolution Eyewear
01256 533955

Battle Rope

US company Breakthrough Clean Technologies has launched a new bore cleaning product, the Battle Rope. Available in a huge variety of calibre widths, the Battle Ropes are designed to better clean the bores of firearms, with an integrated bronze brush and a detachable hard bristle nylon brush.

The double brushes provide double the cleaning action than most leading brands of “pull-through” cleaning tools, while being easy to use and small enough to carry in a pocket. 

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Edgar Brothers, the Breakthrough Battle Ropes have a threaded brass link to allow for quick detachment of the nylon brush, while a weighted brass end ensures that the system can be guided through the bore of the firearm with ease. 

Designed for both rifle and shotgun use, with both 12 and 20-bore sizes and rifle sizes starting at .22 calibre, Battle Ropes are quick and easy to use. The package includes a handy bag and mini bottles of cleaner to ensure you can clean your firearms when you are out in the field. 

SRP: From 14.50 
Edgar Brothers
01625 613177


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