We know you’re busy people, so rather than you having to rummage round all the top shooting titles to find out how the latest kit has fared in review, we thought we’d bring them all to you…

Benelli Lupo .308 stalking rifle

Benelli’s first move into the bolt-action market has resulted in a really capable stalking rifle

This rifle is about more than just looks — with seven patents on board, it is innovative, accurate, comfortable and has teeth, says Bruce Potts in Shooting Times.

Key specs:

  • Manufacturer: Benelli
  • Model: Lupo
  • Action: Bolt action 
  • Barrel length: 22in
  • Overall length: 41.75in
  • Calibre: .308 Win on test
  • Stock: Two-piece black synthetic
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Trigger: Single stage
  • Magazine: Five-shot polymer
  • Price: £1,650
  • Contact: GMK, 01489 579999

Our verdict: I have a high regard for the Italian firearms maker Benelli as its shotguns always buck the trend and it follows its own path in design and handling concepts.  The 828U over-and-under shotgun is an eye-catcher, as are its famed semi-automatics. Now Benelli has designed its first bolt-action rifle, the Lupo, and it’s a cracker.

We were lucky to get our hands  on the first Lupo in the country back in February and, true to form, Benelli had excelled itself with a radical-looking and great-handling sporting bolt-action rifle. The key feature of the Lupo — Italian  for wolf — is the futuristic but elegant design. Benelli has not held back with this modern-day fast-operating  bolt-action rifle with detachable five-shot magazine.

The Lupo stalking rifle handles superbly and the flowing lines of the synthetic stock are impervious. 

The Lupo was the perfect tool for thinning out foxes around the pheasant pens and feeders

Conclusion: I love the way Benelli puts two fingers up to convention and does things its own way. The Lupo rifle is deadly accurate, handling is really natural and fatigue free with a good solid synthetic stock and I adore the BE.S.T finish.

Perfect with the lighter to mid-weight bullets
A rifle with great handling characteristics
Precise, predictable and reliable
Tactile feel with excellent recoil absorption
Great value considering all
the innovations
Overall score:
Benelli’s Lupo is
a cracking rifle that defies convention

FX Impact M3 airgun

FX Impact M3 FAC Air Rifle

The new FX Impact M3 has been designed to meet rocketing demand for versatile and easily tunable hardware – Mat Manning puts the Swedish supergun through its paces in Airgun Shooter Magazine.

Most importantly, the M3 was a lot of fun to shoot. While slugs always seem to need more power fettling to get the best from them, the M3 made easy work of putting pellets bang on target. The test gun loved 25 grain JSB Exact Jumbo Monster, driving them with a variation within 7fps over a 10-shot string, and printing ragged cloverleaf groups with them at 50m before I tweaked any of its factory settings.

I think the FX Impact M3 is truly awesome, and represents a huge advancement in the tunability of high-powered airguns. Shooters who opt for a sub-12 model won’t get all that adjustability or oversized plenum, but will be buying an accurate and well-made airgun. 

It isn’t cheap, but I am still amazed that shooters who want the best can pick up such a phenomenal airgun for such a competitive price. FX have managed to raise the bar yet again. 

The Airgun Shooter verdict: “The Impact M3 builds on FX’s reputation for producing high-quality adaptable airguns. Setting out to replace the MkII as the tuning enthusiast’s airgun of choice is a tall order, but this ballsy bullpup is a worthy successor.”

Mountain Hunter Hybrid suit

Reviewed in Sporting Gun, this new Mountain Hunter Hybrid suit puts a spring in Tom Cackett’s step as it’s a thoroughly modern and effective combatant of the elements, be they hot or cold, dry or wet.

The MHH suit was a departure from the norm for me as I’m used to wearing heavy coats in the winter and lightweight smocks in the summer, but it captured my heart and filled a gap I didn’t know I had in my stalking wardrobe. The contemporary fit and feel of the jacket has seen me wear it almost every day for the past two months, whether I’m out stalking or popping to the shops. It really is such a versatile bit of kit.

Tom is not the only one who appreciates the MHH’s weather-resistant properties

More information

  • Model Mountain Hunter Hybrid jacket: £229.99
  • Model Mountain Hunter Hybrid trousers: £209.99
  • Available in willow green
  • For details visit: gb.harkila.com

Beretta Ultraleggero

This lightweight model—with a skeletonised receiver, decorative moulded inserts and proofed for steel—would be ideal for walking up and some teaching applications, says Mike Yardley in The Field.

I shot the new Beretta at the Fennes Shooting School. The gun, which is light but not too light, shot better than expected. I am not a fan of light guns, especially those with alloy actions. This steel-actioned gun did what it was meant to do. There was a little more recoil than in a standard Silver Pigeon or 690, but it was not unpleasant. 

The pointing qualities with 30in barrels were good. I liked the balance just on the fore-end iron. Mechanical function was flawless. I would not choose this for a driven day but it would be useful for  any walked-up quarry (it was probably made with continental woodcock shooters in mind), for ab-inito teaching and for those habituated to lighter guns. The best gun of its type I have tested.

More information

Model: Beretta ultraleggero   
RRP: from £2,500
Contact: GMK Ltd Bear House, Concorde Way, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5RL. 01489 579999. gmk.co.uk


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