The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has launched a new book to increase the understanding of shoot conservation.

‘The Knowledge: Every Gun’s Guide to Conservation’ targets all shooters, conservationists and countryside enthusiasts with the proviso that it helps to raise standards by increasing awareness of Gun’s legal and ethical obligations including tackling some of the most controversial issues affecting shooting today.

The Trust’s first ‘plain English’ book on conservation has been co-written by research specialist Jennifer Brewin and former editor of the Shooting Times, Joe Dimbleby.

Joe commented: “By reading this book based on GWCT science, Guns will gain a deeper understanding about the countryside and contribution made by shooting. We hope they will be better able to recognise and value the conservation measures that come with good shoot management.”

Director of Communications at the GWCT, Andrew Gilruth added: “We are also offering those wishing to go further and confirm their knowledge, an opportunity to undertake an online assessment, complete with certificate, which will be launching soon.”

The book, costing £15.95, is available to order at

Meanwhile a provisional quiz is available at 


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