Brand new versions of the buddy-bottle Bantam Mk2 (£764-£964) are already hitting gun shop racks up and down the country, while the all-new Commander model (£639) and updated Mk2 versions of the Compatto (£999) set to join them within a matter of weeks. The multi-shot PCP trio are liveried in black ballistic synthetic, with the Bantam Mk2, Bantam Sniper HR and Commander offering the option of a 400cc steel or lightweight 480cc carbon-fibre bottle. The entire line-up is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibres and lists Brocock’s auto-feed rotary magazine system among a list of quality-rich features. Additionally, the range-topping Sniper HR variants of the Bantam (£739) and Compatto (£964) semi-bullpups incorporate a hi-tech air regulator developed for Brocock by world-renowned specialists Huma. Besides improving shot-to-shot consistency, these HR models also return a greater number of shots per air charge.

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