We’ve compiled all the latest new shooting products we’ve heard about this month

Wasp air rifle pellets

After a hiatus, the legendary Wasp air rifle pellet has returned from exile. John Rothery Wholesale is bringing back the iconic brand. The tins are a new size and weight, but the contents are promised to be very much the same as they always were. This may well be a canny move, catching the sense of nostalgia and fun that is currently propelling the air rifle market. Wasp air rifle pellets are available in .177, distinguished by the red tin, and .22 in the purple tin.

John Rothery Wholesale 
023 9224 5350 

Swazi Skål cap

Designed to keep your napper warm on those cold and windy days, New Zealand-based cult clothing brand Swazi Apparel has released a new hat, crowned the Skål, meaning ‘cheers’ in Norwegian—a phrase you’ll be repeating in thanks for this great new cap.

Made from 210gsm microfleece, it’s incredibly soft and lightweight and the close-fitting style means it can also be worn under a helmet, adding a touch of softness without the bulk. Made to be warm and breathable, it provides the ultimate protection against the elements and works with your body to keep you comfortable and dry. Available in one size in a range of colours, including black, olive, tussock and glacier.

RRP £16.95

Winchester ZZ Canard

What is the greatest problem when pursuing ducks? The speed they fly at. The ZZ Canard, measured travelling at 440m/s in 12-bore, gives you a significant advantage. 

Yet despite its high velocity, the relatively light load of 33g ensures that shooting remains very comfortable. The steel pellets are coated with a fine layer of tin to provide effective protection against corrosion.

The ZZ Canard is also available in 20-bore. It propels its 25g load of steel shot at 420m/s.

RRP from £14.99


Maxus II MAX5

What a joy to be able, once again, to search the sky, seeking out that characteristic wing beat. The Maxus II MAX5 puts all its firepower and its technical benefits at your service. The 100% adjustable stock with its Reactar gel cheek rest and a thick Inflex II butt-pad enables you to shoot the heaviest loads without fear of recoil. The Maxus II is the ultimate gun for those who demand outstanding performance.


Parker-Hale range

The Alton range, the Lyndhurst range, the Stockbridge range and the Brockenhurst range

A new range of quality leather shooting luggage under the renowned Parker-Hale brand has been introduced by John Rothery Wholesale. Working over the past 12 months alongside a prominent manufacturer of leather luggage and fashion accessories with experience in the shooting market has culminated in an exclusive range of Parker-Hale gun slips, cartridge bags and matching accessories.

Made from the finest full-grain saddle leather, selected tanned hides, YKK zips, quality brass fittings and thick pile fleece linings, no stone has been left unturned in terms of quality, using traditional artisan skills and modern methods. The range is named after Hampshire beauty spots Brockenhurst, Stockbridge, Lyndhurst and Alton and offers a stonking 100% markup for the retailer.

RRP from £90
John Rothery Wholesale
023 9224 5350

Winchester SX4 Stealth

OK, so it’s not a brand-new gun, as they seem thin on the ground at the moment. But this is a popular semi-auto and it is now available in a rather special ‘stealth’ green. The hunting green colour scheme is injection-dyed into the mass to retain the SX4’s original looks. It is chambered in 12/76 to handle a wide selection of cartridges, right up to the heaviest. And the 30mm Inflex pad absorbs recoil so you don’t have to.

RRP £760


Rigby phone cases

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co has released a range of stylish phone cases available in a variety of materials and colours. The phone cases are handmade from quality materials and offer something a bit different to other cases on the market.

They are available in real blue goat skin, black lizard skin, brown cow hide and natural grain wood. The leather cases are available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro-Max. The wooden cases are suitable for iPhone 12 Pro-Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. Cases for Android can be made on request. 

All leather cases are handcrafted and customised by luxury leather goods and casemaker TEG (Traditional English Guncases), with the colour and materials allowing customers to feel that little bit closer to a safari adventure. 

RRP £65 



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