Yesterday Gun Trade News presented some of the shooting industry products arriving in stores ahead of the busy trade show season, and now we have even more!

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Mossberg 940JM Pro Competition Shotgun

The UK shooting market was introduced to Mossberg’s 940 JM Pro at the British Shooting Show. Designed in conjunction with the Wold Champion shooter, Jerry Miculek, the new 940 JM Pro is feature-rich, fast-cycling and ultra-competitive. The 940 JM Pro was designed to compete and win.

It features a new durable gas system that allows for up to 1500 rounds between cleaning, nickel boron-coated internal parts for smooth operation and a competition-level loading port, elevator and follower.

Externally, an adjustable stock and streamlined forend sport Mossberg signature texturing, while a host of stylised, functional components combine for competition – to optimise speed, accuracy and durability. 

RRP from £1,125.00
Viking Arms 
01423 780810

Tilt & Swivel Bipod M-Lok

The ADRAS Tilt & Swivel Bipod uses quality alloys and stainless steel throughout its construction and is finished in Matte Black or Sand. In addition, the Bipod now includes a V8 M-Lok adapter rail on each bipod leg to meet the needs of those shooters adopting military-styled Airguns.

Expanding between 5” and 9”, the Bipod legs can move independently and be deployed in a 45 degree position, either forwards or backwards, in the traditional 90 degree position, and facing directly to the front or back, locking securely into five positions through an 180 degree arc.

It provides the shooter with 30 total degrees left to right pan, as well as 30 degrees of cant, making it easy to align your crosshairs regardless of the terrain or movement of the target. 

The length of both legs can be adjusted independently for best position and the arms fold up for easy carry and storage. Specially rubber-coasted feet allow for more stable shooting and, as an option, the Shooting Party are offering interchangeable spiked feet in three colours – Black, Sand or Silver – to provide additional stability in wet ground.

Bipod SRP: £49.99
Spikes SRP: £19.99 
The Shooting Party
01543 480 361

Tactical Gun Case

Following the success of the ‘Hunter’ and ‘Hunter Carbine’ scoped-rifle slips in 2019, the Shooting Party have introduced the new ‘Tactical’ Gun Case.

The case measures 122cm (48”) x 30cm (12”) x 8cm (3”) and incorporates a carry handle and heavy-duty fully adjustable, deeply padded shoulder straps – fitted with metal ‘D-ring’ accessory loops. 

Fashioned from 600D Oxford, wipe-clean Nylon with both EPE & EVA foam padding and a 210D lining, the Tactical case provides life-time protection for a fully scoped rifle during transportation and storage. Further outer compartments provide ample capacity for pellets, moderators, Co2 capsules, cleaning kits and more.

A larger 70cm (27”) x 30cm (12”) zipped compartment is ideal for storing items of clothing. Finally, a top-quality full-length zip allows the case to be folded flat to make a handy shooting mat. 

Tactical Gun Case SRP: £59.99
The Shooting Party
01543 480 361 

Tikka T3X UPR and Lite Roughtech 

The Tikka T3X Ultimate Precision Rifle (UPR) introduces a new kind of lightweight stock construction; the bedding features an extra layer of carbon fibre mixed with fibreglass for increased rigidity and accuracy.

The stock is coated with a rough surface for the best grip in any condition and has attachments for QD slings. 

Meanwhile the Lite Roughtech has all the benefits and performance of a Tikka T3X Lite model combined with a Roughtech stock. The rough surface texture provides a solid grip throughout the stock in all weather conditions. A muzzle break is included for recoil reduction. 

UPR SRP from £1850.00 
Lite Roughtech SRP from £1250.00
01489 579 999

Tenex Rapid Fire Pistol .22LR

ELEY have worked closely with current ISSF rapid fire pistol shooters taking on board their feedback to develop a round that suits them. 

The brand new cutting-edge cartridge, Eley tenex rapid fire pistol is designed specifically with the 25m rapid fire pistol discipline in mind, the cartridge guarantees to meet the minimum velocity requirements for ISSF rapid fire pistol events.

An innovative engineering approach using advanced recoil technology means the round will leave your barrel with even more control and great accuracy than ever before. This allows for less recoil and the best transition timing for a greater match score.

The ammunition features a bullet weight of 40 grains and produces a mean muzzle velocity of 269m/s – 280m/s. Thanks to its round nose profile and specially developed lubricant, EP2723, the round ensure reliable functioning in a range of pistols.

0121 313 4567


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