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Leather Field Bar

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has come up with an ingenious field bar to ensure adventurers will have no need to compromise when it comes to liquid refreshment in the field. 

Completely handmade, and packaged in attractive, durable tan leather, the bar is comfortable to carry thanks to its adjustable canvas strap. Its lid not only holds bottles in place to prevent breakages, but also doubles as a table for serving.

Internally, there are two compartments designed for full-sized bottles such as wine, whisky or gin, and a cubby to contain up to eight cans. Equipped with a solid oak cutting board, four Bohemian crystal glasses and four leather Rigby coasters, the package also includes a Stanley food flask, which makes an ideal ice bucket. 

RRP (inc VAT): £900 / US $1,250 / €995 plus postage and packaging.
John Rigby and co.
02077 200 757

Arxus Primo Nord LW

Heralded as the ultimate lightweight, insulated natural rubber boot, and now brought to the Uk by Alan Paine, the Arxus Primo Nord is a next generation lightweight, insulated 100% natural rubber, total warboot blends high-tech performance functionality with traditional design.

The boot has a temperature regulating function that prevents overheating and ensures comfort in all weathers. It is equipped with a highly insulated lining of 5mm neoprene combined with a 2mm ‘air cell’ lining which creates an effective air layer between the body and lining.

This keeps the wearer warm in cold weather (tested to perform up to -20°C) and cool during warmer weather, making it a versatile all-year round boot. 

RRP £260
Alan Paine  01623 339002

Outdoors the Scandinavian Way

A set of books that have attained cult status in Sweden are set to be published in the UK in english for the first time. Building on the success of their range of knives and outdoor equipment, Casström AB has launched Casstrom Publishing just to bring these books to market. 

Author Lars Fält founded the Survival School of the Swedish Armed Forces, where he instructed generations of the Swedish military in survival and outdoor techniques.

During his time in the military, he also spent time studying the outdoor skills and techniques of indigenous peoples and military special forces from around the globe and developed a network for exchanging this know-how. Having retired from the army, Lars is now passing on the knowledge and experience he has amassed over the decades. 

Casstrom Publishing
+44 1628 330 330

Breda Adjustable Stock

Breda has released a new adjustable stock option for its highly acclaimed Zenith Sporter.

All Breda stocks are seasoned naturally and only the best grade three wood is selected. Once seasoned and shaped the stock is oil finished over a period of three weeks allowing time for each layer of oil to build on the finish before it is attached to the action.

The retail price of The Zenith Sporter with adjustable stock will be £2,550
Viking Arms Ltd
01423 780 810 (Ext 1)

Match Pro riflescopes

Leading American optics brand Bushnell has launched a new competition riflescope that offers an unrivalled selection of features at an entry-level price point: the Match Pro.

Designed specifically for competition shooting, the Match Pro is available in 6-24×50 and boasts all the functionality needed for long-range shooting.

Features include a first focal plane MIL etched glass reticle (with optional illumination); adjustable parallax from 10 yards to infinity; 10 MIL turrets that can be easily and quickly adjusted on the firing point without tools; 18 MIL travel for windage and elevation; reliable, repeatable tracking; an EXO barrier coating that keeps the glass free of dust, dirt and fog, and centrefire recoil rated to the same levels as Bushnell’s Forge and Elite Tactical XRS II.

RRP £730 (Black Deploy Mil reticle) / £799 (Black Illuminated Deploy reticle)
Edgar Brothers
01625 613177

iHeat Vest

The latest innovation from ShooterKing, the iHeat Vest, is an incredibly lightweight, self-heating outdoor vest. Perfect for situations where a hunter is stood or sat for long periods of time, where the lack of movement hinders body temperature regulation.

Using advanced nanotube technology, the iHeat Vest can warm its wearer very quickly. Wearers can power on/off the vest and select from three pre-set temperatures (38°C, 46°C & 52°C) by pressing the light-up button on the chest.

Or remotely activate and specify any temperature output between 38°C and 52°C through their smartphone with the ShooterKing iWarm App, limiting the need for the wearer to unzip their layers.

A standard USB power bank is required to operate (10,000mAh) (not included), which sits conveniently within the vest interior, providing between 7-10 hours of power.

RRP £169.95 (inc VAT & 2 year warranty)
Thomas Jacks  01789 264100 


Fresh from RUAG’s own brand manufacturer in Germany come these extremely reasonably priced .223s. Each weighs 55g and boasts a full metal jacket, making them ideal for target shooting.

RRP £78 per box of 150
RUAG Ammotec
01579 362 319

Keiler Jacket

“As seen on TV”, is the proud boast of these new jackets from New Zealand based cult clothing brand Swazi Apparel. The Keiler Jacket, named after the German word meaning a mature male boar, was first unveiled on hit hunting show ‘Wild Boar Fever XI’, on MyOutdoorTV in August. 

But never mind the puff, what about the jacket? Offering plenty in the way of functionality, the high-performance jacket is windproof, with a drawcord hem, high neck and cuffed sleeves for protection against the elements, plus features two deep pockets for storing necessary essentials. The contrast colour combinations give the jacket a stylish edge, while an embroidered Swazi logo adorns the back.

RRP £110 GBP

.577 NE and .600 NE cufflinks

Show your love of hunting and wear your heart on your sleeve, with these delightful new cufflinks from John Rigby and Co made from the spent cases of .577 NE and .600 NE cartridges, used in test firing new Rigby rifles on the range.

Stamped with the gunmaker’s name and plated in 22ct gold, these cufflinks are made in the UK and each offer a sense of uniqueness being handcrafted, adding a touch of individuality to every set.

Plus, for those that have kept cases from memorable hunting trips, the mementos can now be turned into cufflinks, as Rigby is also offering a bespoke service. 

RRP (inc VAT): £99 plus postage and packaging
John Rigby and co. 
02077 200 757

NL Pure

A huge, revolutionary field of view combined with groundbreaking design in premium-class binoculars—the new NL Pure from Swarovski Optik takes your wildlife viewing to the next level. This is all thanks to a sophisticated optical system embedded in incredibly compact, precise mechanics.

The very finest materials and top-quality workmanship ensure that these binoculars will stand the test of time. The NL Pure accessories also have a focus on sustainability.

The newly designed bag, cleaning set, and packaging are made exclusively from recycled fabrics and natural materials. The 8×42, 10×42, and 12×42 models of these new binoculars are available now. 

SRP £2,350-2,470

Delta 5

Leading American rifle manufacturer, Daniel Defense, has launched its first bolt-action rifle: the Delta 5, which offers the modularity of the AR-style rifles for which Daniel is renowned with custom features valued and used by professional hunters.

Featuring an ergonomically designed stock, the Delta 5 also benefits from an adjustable comb and length of pull, guaranteeing comfort in the field. The rifle accepts Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) Pattern magazines and its action is mechanically bedded via a mini-chassis, helping with long-term accuracy.

Barrels can be interchanged by the shooter, with no gunsmith required and its heavy Palma contour ensures high levels of accuracy with significantly less weight.

The Delta 5 is available in .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 7mm-08 Remington. 

RRP £2,799.00
Edgar Brothers
01625 613177

Boot Room Jack

We don’t know quite how to break it to Purdey, but not all of us have a ‘boot room’. Which doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t enjoy using one of these “boot room classics’, a walnut wellie jack.

We all know how it feels when we’ve put on some wellies that better suited our younger selves—or worse still–borrowed some a size too small. You come home exhausted and face half an hour of less than flattering wrestling with your own boots just to get them off. The Wellie Jack removes all that pain, anxiety, and your wellie to boot, effortlessly. 

RRP £195

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