A veritable smorgasbord of delights this month from the insanely practical to the immensely enjoyable, we’ve something to tempt every budget… 

Rigby wine carrier 

Rigby wine carrier 

Clinking bottles and fear of breakages ruining field lunches can now be a thing of the past, thanks to Rigby’s new leather wine carrier. This latest in the London gunmaker’s line of expedition essentials is handmade in South Africa by leather specialists Els & Co, whose corporate culture values ethics and sustainability as highly as technical excellence.

Made from vegetable tanned leather, finished with a unique beeswax mixture, and boasting solid brass fittings, the wine carrier benefits from long-term good looks that will stand the test of the toughest expeditions and last for many years to come. The carrier is designed to fit two 750 ml bottles.

RRP (Inc VAT) £360
John Rigby & Co 

Walther Gun Multi Tool 150 

Walther Gun Multi Tool 150 

The GMT150 is small in size, but large in features. Folded up, this compact multi-tool measures just 85mm long and 18mm wide, weighing in at just 66g. It comes with its own handy nylon belt pouch too, not that it’s too big for any pocket or gun bag.

Features-wise, the GMT150 includes 12 different tools; needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hook, cutting hook/belt cutter, wood/metal file, saw blade, hole diameter template, 90-degree angle, bottle opener, small screwdriver and knife blade. All tools are made in 440C steel and built to last. 

RRP £39.95.
John Rothery 
023 9224 5350 

Evolution Horizon RX

Walther Gun Multi Tool 150

Just launched from Evolution is a brand-new shooting eyewear set for prescription wearers. Evolution Horizon RX comes with four shooting colours: Brown, Yellow, Orange and Purple-Rose.

With this new set you don’t change lenses—there are four complete frames—all you do is switch the prescription optical insert (fixed to the nose pads) from colour to colour: very quick and simple. Any competent optician can fit prescription lenses to the optical insert. 

The large, wide optical insert minimises any interference with peripheral vision. And all four colours also come with (detachable) standard nose pads, so if you wear contact lenses as well as spectacles you have the option of using this new model without the insert. 

RRP £69.95
Evolution Eyewear 
01256 533955 

12G Gamebore Dark Storm Precision Steel with Bio-Wad

Walther Gun Multi Tool 150

Building on Gamebore’s Quad Seal design, this is a new full cup wad utilising the same cutting-edge material which is 100 per cent environmentally safe. The Bio-Wad has petals with newly designed unique 45 degree overlapping edges, providing complete barrel protection.

Manufactured in-house by Gamebore, the new Bio-Wad is specifically designed for steel shot. The high strength of the Bio-Wad means it is suited to standard and high-performance steel cartridges for guns with the appropriate Fleur de Lys proof marks.

The new cartridge is loaded using exclusive Alliant US double-base powder which gives outstanding downrange energy and all-weather performance that cannot be duplicated using single-base propellants.

Comes in 3, 4 and 5 shot. 
Gamebore Cartridge 01482 223707 
£385 per 1,000 (32g load)

The Game Bird Crowner

The Game Bird Crowner

Another good idea from James Keyser Products is the affordable “Game Bird Crowner”. A compact device which is mounted on any wall and can be quickly removed for washing. The Crowner is designed for pheasants, partridges, ducks, pigeons and Grouse. So no more plucking and gutting. How does it work? Remove the wings as close to the body with the saw. Cut the legs off also if you want them.

Make a small insertion into the rear of the bird which will allow you to peel back the outer skin exposing the breast. Insert the rear of the bird over the rod and angle iron and then slowly press downwards on the rod holding the bird horizontally as you do so.

You are left with a beautiful crown. Dispose of the carcass and wings. It really is that simple and crowning large number of birds is not time consuming. Obviously there is no skin on a crown but a layer of bacon can compensate for this. So out with the “Plucking” and in with the “Crowning”.

RRP £80 
James Keyser 

12G Gamebore Dark Storm with Quad Seal (Diamond Shot)

The Game Bird Crowner

Gamebore’s Quad Seal is pioneering in having four sealing rings which provide an outstanding gas seal. The seal far exceeds that of premium plastic wads and is beneficial when used in over-bored barrels.

The Quad Seal sits behind a fibre wad and replaces the traditional over powder card for extraordinary ballistic consistency. It also significantly increases downrange energy and knockdown power due to minimal gas leakage down the barrel.

Recoil is vastly reduced compared with standard fibre wadded cartridges and there is the added benefit of the wad  breaking down naturally in the environment within a shooting season.

It comes in 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36g loads with a range of shot sizes to suit your load, including 4, 5 and 6 shot.

Gamebore Cartridge 01482 223707 
£378 per 1,000 (32g load)

Swazi Whisper Biboverpants

Swazi Whisper Biboverpants

For extreme weather protection, New Zealand based cult clothing brand Swazi Apparel has developed Whisper Biboverpants to cut muster in the toughest of outdoor conditions.

Made from Swazi’s Watershield AEGIS 3-Layer Whisper fabric, the bib overtrousers are waterproof, windproof and breathable, plus thanks to their whisper fabric technology, won’t rustle when in pursuit of quarry.

Their structured knees offer freedom of movement, while the back waist and adjustable shoulder straps are elasticated to prevent the trousers from riding

up. Kevlar scuff pads on the lower legs help prolong their cuff life and protect the trousers from boot scuff, while the waterproof leg zips allow quick river crossings without any water pouring in.

The top bib incorporates a large upper pocket for storing your essentials, while the inside pockets allow easy access for hand-warming on those cold and icy days.

Sizes: XS-3XL Colour: Tussock green or Olive
RRP £329.99
0064 6368 4822 

Highland Game Cartridges

Highland Game Cartridges

Fiocchi asked their friends in Italy to create a cartridge suitable for the fast and challenging game of the ‘higher ground’—upland grouse shooting. Their response was a premium-quality cartridge that delivers optimum performance in the tough conditions of the highlands yet is still easy on the shoulder, allowing for all-day comfort and clean, reliable dispatches.

Be it driven or walked-up grouse shooting, success depends on speed and accuracy, and Fiocchi’s competition pedigree ensures the crisp, hard-hitting consistency that is vitally important for game shooting, especially those rangier birds of the high ground.

Available in 12-gauge 28g No.6 shot (this is particularly suited for the short-chambered English guns) or a heavier 32g load available in No.4,5 and 6 shot.

01827 383466

Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 & XP50

Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 & XP50

The Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 & XP50 thermal imaging riflescopes are here and offer huge leaps in performance and build. 

Boasting a powerful 384×284 17µm <40mK NETD thermal sensor, Pulsars proprietary ‘Image Boost’ Technology and a HD AMOLED Display, the Trail 2 LRF Series can detect subtle differences in temperature and provide a highly detailed, sharp image even in difficult weather.

Shooters will be happy to hear that these units are excellent for long distance shooting, with a detection range of up to 1,800m, a built-in 1,000m laser rangefinder and an improved magnification of up to 16x!

Pulsar have also implemented a new lightweight magnesium bodyshell for improved robustness, as well as a new eyecup which is 20 per cent larger than previous models for more comfortable shooting.

Users can now record even more footage through their units, due to the increased internal memory size which is now doubled in size, up to 16GB. 

Heading back outdoors with the Trail 2 LRF Series will not disappoint.

SRP £3,589.95 to £4,879.95 (Inc. VAT)
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100 

Thermion XQ Series

Thermion XQ Series

The Pulsar Thermion XQ Series of thermal imaging riflescopes consists of two new models; the XQ38 & XQ50.

These two models boast a powerful 384×288 17µm thermal sensor which alongside Pulsars proprietary ‘Image Boost Technology’ and HD AMOLED display provide a highly detailed thermal image with excellent clarity, taking the guesswork out of identifying objects in the field. These units have a detection range of up to 1,800m and are perfect for long distance shooting, especially when paired with a magnification of up to 14x.

The Thermion XQ Series is a game-changer and better yet it fits within a day scope format so not only does it look good, but it can mount using standard 30mm scope rings.

This unparalleled performance is only concentrated further by the devices power optimisation and dual battery system which provides up to seven hours of run time, so you don’t have to worry about losing out on a single shot.

SRP £2,649.95 to £2,949.95 (Inc. VAT)
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100 

Pulsar Helion 2 XP50

Pulsar Helion 2 XP50

The Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 has made its way into the public arena this year. Building upon their past success, Pulsar have improved their handheld thermal imaging monocular to provide even more detailed thermal imagery.

The Helion 2 XP50 features a new 640×480 17µm <40mK thermal sensor, this change in NETD (Noise Equivalent of Temperature Differential) allows the unit to have a much higher range of sensitivity, ultimately enabling the Helion 2 to perform in difficult weather conditions (rainfall, fog, cold mornings, etc.) where it can pick up smaller differences in temperature, granting a clearer image for the user.

This refinement of the units NETD can make the difference between spotting and clearly identifying a heat signature. Additionally, the Helion 2 has a detection capability of up to 1,800m and is fitted with a removable 50mm objective lens for high magnification usage, with the option to change lenses.

SRP £3,399.95 (Inc. VAT)
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100 

Pheasant Game Lady

Pheasant Game Lady

A boot that ticks all the boxes; style, comfort and practicality. Completely adjustable around the calves, the Pheasant Game Lady boots cater for a range of sizes while also allowing extra flexibility and stretch when crouching or kneeling.

Impressively slimline and lightweight—they don’t give the commonly found ‘moon boot’ effect yet remain robust and durable enough to withstand all weather conditions and terrain. 

Whether you’re a regular stalker or not,  these boots are ideal for walking over long distances and challenging terrain, as well as being watertight waders. The deep tread underboot ensures comfort and grip on all terrains, along with a generous impact absorbing inner to allow for extended periods of wear. 

Sizes: 6 – 12
BMC Wholesale Ltd 
01509 233333 

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