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Beretta 694 Sporting 50th Anniversary

This year, GMK, which was founded in 1971, is celebrating having been in business for 50 years. To commemorate this occasion, the firm has commissioned a range of unique 50th Anniversary models from its suppliers, one of which is this Beretta.

GMK says: “We are tremendously excited about this celebratory version of the 694, which will include several special features, most noticeably the 31in barrels and tapered top rib. We have chosen 31in barrels as they are an interesting compromise on the more traditional 30in and 32in lengths. They will, of course, be Steelium Plus with HP extended chokes. The 10mm x 8mm tapered top rib also enjoys a central sighting channel. 

“We expect these wonderful shotguns to be highly sought after and, as this is a one-off production run, numbers are strictly limited.”

RRP from £4,000
01525 381638

OP91 Scope Mount

The New OP91 scope mount from Sportsmatch has been developed in conjunction with long-range specialist Mark Ripley of YouTube fame (260rips) and is full of the features many serious shooters are looking for. The quick-release levers offer repeatable fitting to Picatinny rails but they can be replaced with the included standard nuts for shooters who do not need to swap between day- and night-vision scopes. 

Also included is an integral bubble level, which can improve long-range accuracy. The 30mm triple screw rings ensure a rock solid hold for an added level of security and total peace of mind.

During development the ultimate test came when Mark Ripley’s truck was involved in a 70mph side impact with his trusted .260 Remington rifle on the back seat. The truck was rolled over and written off but the scope’s zero hadn’t moved.

As with all Sportsmatch products, this new model is British made with a lifetime guarantee. Available from leading distributors.

RRP £199.99
01489 579999

110 Magpul Hunter

The Hunter 110 Stock is the latest addition to the Magpul Hunter stock line. It features enhanced ergonomics, versions for right- and left-handed actions, eight M-LOK slots for mounting and  the length of pull and comb height are fully adjustable. These features have been designed to provide a more stable shooting platform, improved user comfort and individual accessory customisation.

Like its predecessors, the Magpul Hunter 110 features a Type III hard, anodised, machine-finished, cast aluminum bedding block that doesn’t require bedding and is a true ‘drop-in’ stock solution.  

This is designed for third-generation Savage short action Series 10/110 centrefire rifles that have centre-feed magazine compatibility and action screw hole spacing of 4.40in (H-prefix and later, produced from 2006). The Hunter 110 is compatible with a detachable magazine well and comes with Magpul’s bolt-action magazine well plus a five-round PMAG 5 7.62 AC for optimal functionality. 

RRP £399.99
Edgar Brothers
01625 613177 

Browning 525 Sporter In Right- And Left-Hand Iterations

Increasingly we are seeing guns offered in both left- and right-handed iterations, such as this new 525 Sporter- very good news for any ‘southpaws’ out there.

Limited Edition B525 Sporter Adjustable Trap Forearm 12m

The B525 is directly descended from the legendary B25, and has inherited its habit of putting you on top of the podium. This new B525 Sporter—which has been produced in both right- and left-handed versions—comes with a recoil pad that can be removed to adapt the new, adjustable stock. Another improvement now sees the B525 Sporter delivered with Midas chokes.

RRP for both versions: £1,990
Browning UK (BWM Arms)
01235 514550


Limited Edition B525 Sporter Adjustable Trap Forearm True Left Hand 12m

Browning now offers true left-handed models because, as the gunmaker says, “Every shooter has the right to total comfort.” The name says it all. The gun is opened by pushing the top lever to the left rather than the right, allowing left-handed shooters to operate the gun instinctively and improve their performance—and all for the same price as the right-handed version.

RRP for both versions: £1,990
Browning UK (BWM Arms)
01235 514550



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