All the latest creations from our terrific industry, an avalanche of innovation (GTN 72)

CG Haenel Jaeger NXT

More speed when repeating than a conventional bolt-action rifle and extremely robust for daily use, the new Jaeger NXT is offered in two stock dimensions, with improved safety and an environmentally friendly design. On top of all that is the patented technology that this hunting rifle boasts—it’s impressive.With a new kick-down manual cocking device and chamber lock, it is also the first of its kind in terms of sustainability. Available as the standard or DS model, both feature the new environmentally friendly, lightweight composite wood stock, which combines the look and feel of the traditional wood with the durability of a synthetic stock.  

RRP from £2,095

Available in .308 Win and .30-06 Spring

Viking Arms 

01423 780810 ext 1

Browning B525 Game laminated

The hunting version of the B525 Sporter laminated, which was received with great acclaim, this pulls the same trick—by offering a shotgun with a laminated/glued wood stock, which is generally only used on rifles. There are numerous advantages to this material, such as protection against the adverse effects of weather and terrain, strength and increased stability thanks to greater rigidity. A laminated stock is slightly heavier than a traditional wood stock, which allows heavier loads to be fired without discomfort due to recoil.

RRP from £1,695


Beretta BRX1

Beretta is stepping into the world of hunting rifles, offering a revolutionary firearm with a linear reloading system. This new rifle encapsulates all of Beretta’s experience, acquired over years of working in both the military and civilian spheres. The BRX1 guarantees the utmost speed, accuracy, precision, safety and ease of use, from the first pull of the trigger through to the smoothness of reloading. It has interchangeable barrels of varying calibres, three-trigger weight options and fully ambidextrous bolt and extraction. The ability to change from right hand to left can be made without any tools, making the BRX1 a versatile, modern, modular gun suited to every kind of hunter and shooting environment.

RRP £1,500


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