The Shooting Party are exclusive distributors of Qiang Yuan Sports Goods range of Olympic medal-winning pellets. A popular pellet the world over, the 7.8 grain shot shows virtually zero weight variation pellet-to-pellet. The Olympic and Match grades are individually hand-selected and packed in styrofoam trays of two sliding layers of 100 per box. Training Grade and FT Domed come in 500 pellet-count tubs. These flat-head pellets are available in 4.49mm and 4.5mm head sizes and will be joined in the UK market by a new .22 (5.5mm) range which TSP expect to compete with JSB Diablo.

RRP: “Olympic” Grade .177 – £10.99 (200)

RRP: “Training” Grade .177 – £ 9.99 (500)

RRP: “Match” Grade .177 – £ 6.99 (200)

RRP: “FT Domed” Grade .177 – £ 9.99 (500)

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