Since its introduction in 2015, the Steiner Ranger series has become one of the most successful riflescope series in Europe.

Now, as part of the brand’s commitment to boost its product offering, it has introduced the Ranger 8 series, which is now available through UK distributor GMK.

Designed with flexibility in mind, it is said to boast outstanding field of view, an optimised light transmission and a state-of-the-art and scratch-resistant anodising, all of this together in a true 8x zoom system.
This series combines not only great optical quality with reliable mechanics and the well-known Steiner ruggedness but also allows you perfect control at any distance and in any situation.

While the fibre dot illumination, the parallax adjustment and the optical quality allow for a perfect match with modern digital night vision and thermal devices.
The Range 8 riflescope series can deliver top results in any situation supporting hunters with all the challenges they must face every day.

Another strength is the fibre reticle, which allows for a perfect, crisp red dot illumination in bright daylight and in low light thanks to its 11 settings.

As you would expect from the Steiner-Optic brand, Ranger 8 ruggedness meets military standards and can withstand even the toughest conditions, thanks to an aluminium case, which, together with an outstandingly robust and reliable construction, achieves an impact resistance of up to 500G.
It is also equipped with Steiner Zero Mode to avoid any inconvenience on the field. The Ranger 8 2-16×50, 3-24×56 and 4-32×56 are available with integrated ballistic turret, allowing the hunter to compensate the bullet drop reliably and accurately at different distances. By using four different numbered rings the hunter can pre-set four preferred distances to have quick adjustments when time matters.


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