The new 3-LED Trident from Night Master is their most powerful and versatile hunting light yet, with a beam distance of 1000m for spotting eyes and clear identification out to 350m across the range of LEDs, the Trident is an essential night hunting tool for any keen shooter.

The Trident boasts many useful features; not only three switchable LEDs, a dynamic rotary dimmer switch and easily focusable head, it also has a quiet switch, low-battery indicator, beam lock-out function, and an ‘Active Light Indicator’ on the tail-cap to indicate when the beam is on – perfect for use with the infrared (IR) LED, as a reminder to switch off when not in use.

Night Master Trident features an intelligent Tri-LED mechanism meaning you can swap between the different coloured LEDs instantly from the turn of the knurled dial without changing the focus or affecting the beam position on your point of impact, currently available in White, Amber & Red or Amber, Red & IR (850NM).

Grab your Night Master Trident stock before Christmas stock runs out. The Trident kits are £199.95 RRP and include; Trident lamp, high power battery, battery charger, 12v car adapter, scope mount and 3-year warranty.

To find out more, just click on this link:

Email or call 01535 610066 / 01535 611688 to find out more.


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