In our fist Best of British entry, we will be looking at Classic Canes.

Walking stick specialists Classic Canes have grown and manufactured rustic, country walking sticks in their Somerset woodland since the 1980s.

The business was born when founders Ben and Diana Porter bought the woodland in order to restore and live in the Tudor hunting lodge at its heart. They discovered the woodland was naturally growing suitable native hardwoods such as ash, hazel and blackthorn: perfect for making traditional walking sticks.

Originally these were offered to local retailers but demand soon grew and now Classic Canes has stockists in around 40 countries worldwide. The woodland is managed through the traditional forestry technique of coppicing, which ensures each tree produces a fresh crop of walking sticks every few years.

These are harvested in the winter and dried for a few years before being steamed, straightened and finished in the Classic Canes workshop. 

Classic Canes craftsman, Alan White, working on an Ash walking stick

This system produces sought-after thumbsticks, knobsticks and hiking staffs as well as sticks fitted with antler and animal head handles. Each piece of wood has its own character and it is the job of the craftsman to ensure it is used to its best advantage.

The Classic Canes range also includes many contemporary, formal and folding canes as well as a selection of seat sticks and umbrellas. This ensures there is a walking stick for everyone, whatever their personal sense of style. Walking sticks make excellent Christmas presents, being practical and attractive as well as highly collectible.

Tel: 01460 75686

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