A superlative trigger-plate over-and-under, the culmination of almost 250 years of gunmaking heritage. Wholly British designed and made, the Gallyon Game Gun combines the elegance and handling of classic English guns with outstanding reliability and in-field performance.

To shoot this gun is a remarkable experience. It allows you to perform to a standard you’ve always dreamed of but seldom achieved.” – Will Garfit, expert game Shot, The Field’s First Eleven

A new era in gun innovation

Coupling the gunmaker’s art with the technology and machine tools that serve the Formula One, aerospace and nuclear-energy-generation industries, the Gallyon game gun elevates British gunmaking to a new level of innovation, reliability and performance.

These are the best barrel tubes I have seen in my 48 years as a master barrel-maker…and properly made barrels are at the heart of every fine gun.” – Bill Blacker, world-renowned master barrel-maker

Find out more – www.gallyon.com


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