Designed specifically for the female shooter, this gun’s stock dimensions are designed for women from the ground up, including pistol grip, length of pull, pitch and cast. It’s not just a standard shotgun scaled down – real thought has been put into this model. Equipped with BHB (Between Hands Balancer), it gives the user total control over the Bella’s balance and swing dynamics. Boasting a luxurious gloss wood finish, the Z Bella is embellished with Swarovski crystal accents. Available in 12 bore, the Z-Bella comes with a choice of three barrel lengths; 28”, 29.5” or 30.75” and with five interchangeable flush fitting or ¾ inch extended chokes. Upon request, the customer can choose between a parallel or tapered top rib, in the 28” or 29.5” versions.

SRP from £6,862.85 Edgar Brothers  01625 613177


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