Elite Optical’s Stuart Grant interview w/ Mat Manning

Theoben has long been absent from the British scene but that’s about to change. Mat Manning talks with Stuart Grant of Elite Optical as the business prepares for the next chapter in the brand’s history. The news of Elite Optical

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Why We Shoot: Mike Morton on his love for airgunning

Airgun Shooter editor-in-chief Mike Morton explains what it is about the sport that’s managed to keep him hooked for more than forty years Why do I shoot? I’ve been asked that question many times over the years, almost always from

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Mat Manning’s thoughts on the rise of airgun slugs

Mat Manning shares his thoughts on the rapidly increasing popularity of airgun slugs, what they offer for shooters and what that could mean to the trade. Anyone with a connection to the airgunning grapevine will know that airgun slug ammunition

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On Air: Another letdown for airguns?

The Commonwealth Games might have been the “best ever”, but did we really do as well as we thought – and what will its legacy be? Nick Robbins considers the important questions

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