May The False Be With You

Caroline Roddis explores the dark side of American media and its battle with fake news… How good are we as an industry, as responding to false allegations made in the media? Personally, I don’t think we’re doing a smashing job.

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The Smell Of Success

With tensions for auction supremacy building between the US and UK, the latest rounds showed the state of the bidding arms race. Diggory Hadoke unearthed more… THE EARLY YEAR SHOWS IN THE USA SAW BRITISH AUCTIONEERS BACKING OFF in the

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Hornet takes flight again

Introduced to the market in 2012, the .17 Hornet calibre now gets its second outing

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Brothers in arms

Choosing a suitable distributor can be a minefield, especially if you are not familiar with the territory. It’s worth noting that retailers buy from distributors for reasons other than the products they provide. A good distributor provides a number of advantages that cannot be obtained from

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